Simple and very easy to use,
yet powerful POS system
that you can't imagine in such a low price!

Features & Fuctionalities

Low Cost

User Friendly, Simple Interface

Minimum Typing for Data Entry

Business Oriented - Not Finance Oriented

Simple Billing and Inventory Management

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Customizable for Middle East or any country style-of-Business

FLAPS Retail POS software presents very user friendly interface, combined with powerful Role Management System, which enables anyone to easily handle inventory and sales counter. Flaps has a unique built-in editor for Labels, so you can easily create and edit all kind of labels when you need.


Retail Billing

Multiple Pricing

Purchase Management

Automated Purachase Order Generation

Flaps Retail POS software's reporting system is powerful and customizable. It streamlines retail operations by automating the transaction process and tracking important sales data. You can track inventory changes, pricing accuracy, gross revenue and sales patterns. Flaps monitor inventory and buying trends that will help retailers avoid customer service issues, such as out-of-stock sales, and tailor purchasing and marketing to consumer behaviour

Inventory Records

Built-In Label Editor

On-The-Go Price Validation

Barcode Printing And Reading

Tax Ready

Intelligent Reports

Serial Number Validation

User Privilege Adjustment

Stock Audit And Adjustment

Our Client Categories...!

   Retail Stores

   Electronic Gadgets Store


   Fancy / Gift Stores

   Mobile Stores

   Grocery Shops

   Kids, Cosmetics, Footwear Stores

   Service Oriented Business

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Customization And Developement

We welcome the good suggestions and feedback from the customer and added into the roadmap to enhance the product.

Support And Training

Yes ! we know that ERP software will be a disaster if there is no support, Hence we promise and assure the prompt and guide support by the qualified and experienced professionals.