03 Mar

Sharing Your Computer Screen

There are some cases that the technician needs to control client’s computer remotely. Some issues/training can be quickly done through screen sharing instead of visiting client’s premise directly. It saves time of both client and technician and can have a quick solution instead of waiting for the technician to reach the site.

For this, the first thing client needs a fairly decent internet connection. Next is to have a Remote Desktop Sharing Utility. There are a lot available in the market. We recommend, Chrome Remote Desktop, which is free and is developed by Google.

Please follow below steps to setup Chrome Remote Desktop in your Computer.

Pre-requisites :

  1. You need a google(gmail) account (if you don’t have, go to this link and setup one)
  2. You need Chrome Browser installed (go and get it here)

Steps to install Chrome Remote Desktop :

  1. Open ‘Chrome’ browser and search ‘chrome remote desktop’.
  2. select the very first result,
  3. Alternatively, you can get it by this link :  Chrome Remote Desktop – Chrome Web Store – Google
  4. Select ‘Add to chrome’ button on the new window opened.
  5. Select ‘Add app’ button in the pop box.
  6. Once the installation is complete, Select ‘Launch App’ button.
  7. Now you can see ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ window.
  8. Select ‘Get Started’ button on the ‘Remote Assistance’ area.
  9. Then select ‘share’ button. Now you can see the ‘chrome remote desktop host’ is begin to install.
  10. When installation is complete you can see a 12-digit access code for the remote assistance.
  11. Share this with us to get connected to find the solutions.

Please go through these images to learn the steps easily.



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